Download BeerSmith 3.1 for Windows

Download BeerSmith™ Desktop.
BeerSmith 3.1 is Here.
The BeerSmith 3.1 update is here – enjoy a free 21 day trial version you can run side by side with your existing BeerSmith 2.

Or buy a license today!  If you already purchased BeerSmith 3

download and install it from here and activate it after installing.
Windows Download – 3.1.8.

BeerSmith 3.1 Installer for Windows 10

Windows 8, Windows 7.
Download BeerSmith 3.1 for Windows .
Macintosh Download – 3.1.8.
BeerSmith 3.1 Installer for Macintosh OSX – Yosemite or Higher Recommended Download BeerSmith 3.1 for the Mac.
Linux/Ubuntu Download 3.1.8.

Ubuntu 20.04 Debian File: BeerSmith for Ubuntu 20.04

Ubuntu 18.04 Debian File: BeerSmith for Ubuntu 18.04

Note – if you have install problems run “sudo dpkg -i BeerSmith*.deb”

This release does not support Ubuntu screen scaling above 100%, and does not handle “dark mode” well.
Mobile Versions for iPhone and Android.

BeerSmith Mobile 3 is on the iTunes

Amazon and Google Play app stores.   You can purchase a copy of the mobile app there – just look for “BeerSmith Mobile”.

Additional Downloads and Language Files

BeerSmith 3.1 Features and Release Notes

Language Files – Download these to your computer

and go to Options->Brewing and click on Set Language XML File near the bottom of the dialog to install these in 3.1.

Portuguese.xml – Language file for BeerSmith 3.1

German.xml – Language file for BeerSmith 3.1

BeerSmith™ 3.0, 2.3 and Legacy Versions.
BeerSmith 3.0, 2.3 and earlier versions can be found here.

BeerSmith 3 Licensing and Upgrade Options

BeerSmith 3 licensing and upgrade options for existing users are explained here.
Installing BeerSmith™.
PC: Run the installer to install BeerSmith 3 and then run BeerSmith from your application start page.
Mac: Open BeerSmith2.dmg, then drag the BeerSmith program to your Applications directory and run it from there.
Try it free for 21 days, and activate it with your online license.
CD now.
Join 62,411 Tot Subscribers .
On iTunes: -.

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